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Glamourcon 56 (long post)

So, the first time in forever that I’m not double-booked for something else on GC Weekend and my car doesn’t shit on me, I run into a convention that is deader than I’ve seen in a long time. Not like Sign Of The Times dead, just ‘eh’ until Saturday afternoon where it picked up, thankfully. […]

Glamourcon 56 Comments

First off, my vote for PMOY 2013 is still Jaslyn Ome and it hasn’t changed but I was absolutely captured by the beauty and personality of Miss June Audrey Allen and Miss August Val Keil. I also liked the way both dressed on both days. Audrey looked great in different sun dresses on both days […]

Alyssa Arce coming to Glamourcon in Long Beach

Alyssa Arce has just been added to the scheduled playmates list for the Long Beach Glamourcon, coming up in about two weeks.

This is good news, not only because Alyssa is an absolute babe but also because her “issue-mate” Val Keil is also scheduled.

Now that we collectors have to work with issues that have […]

July-August 2013 issue – first thoughts

Can’t believe it but just received the digital edition of the Jul/Aug double issue and here are my first thoughts;-

The cover – Another excellent cover. I’m sure I’ve seen a similar one on an international edition and just love it. Whoever started designing the covers since October 2012 deserves a pay rise.

Interview – […]