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Alyssa Arce’s Accent

If you met Alyssa you would noticed her accent, and I’m not talking about a Southern drawl. She is from Myrtle Beach, SC and her father is Honduran, so I was wondering where she got the British-like accent. I was looking at her profile and it doesn’t say anything about her living or growing up overseas.

So I became curious and I asked her how she got the accent. She told me her ex-boyfriend was from South Africa. I didn’t know that being with someone would actually change the way you speak. The only other person that I know is Madonna when she became British after marrying Guy Ritchie. If this is an act, you would take it would be keep up with it all the time.

This makes me wonder if she was living in South Africa for a while because you just don’t start talking in a different accent if you were born and raise your whole life in South Carolina.

The Playmate profile just don’t say much about the Playmates these days.

Jon Pish


It is my understanding that she did live in South Africa for a while. Some people pick up accents very quickly, but I would think that she would lose that accent once she returned to the states.

I am surprised she said her boyfriend from South Africa is an ex boyfriend. Very recently she was gushing over him on social media.


Glamourcon 56 Comments

First off, my vote for PMOY 2013 is still Jaslyn Ome and it hasn’t changed but I was absolutely captured by the beauty and personality of Miss June Audrey Allen and Miss August Val Keil. I also liked the way both dressed on both days. Audrey looked great in different sun dresses on both days while Val wore a sexy purple dress on Sat. and a equally stunning black top gold skirt with a satin vale on Sun.

I connected with both of them instantly. In fact Audrey was complaining I was a little tense when I put arms around her for a pic. She was just so fun to be around. I liked Jaslyn too, I still think she is one the most stunning beauty of the Class of 2013 but I wouldn’t mind if Val or Audrey won.

Val told me she couldn’t make a Playmate video because on the 4th of July bash at the mansion, she hurt herself on the slip and slide. She went head first as suffered a deep cut just under her right eye and had to be rushed to the hospital for check up and stitches. She looked fine and I didn’t even notice the scar until she mentioned it, then I couldn’t take my eyes off it, it was pretty deep indeed.

Val, Audrey, and Jaslyn all sat at the same corner of the convention floor. While Audrey was a total sweetheart, she wasn’t attracting too much business. She initially said she wouldn’t come back on Sunday but decided to anyways. However, her business never picked up and left early. I felt bad for her, I did buy a few items from her but I couldn’t save her experience by myself. She told me that the Chicago show a few months earlier was better. I have a feeling she might not come back next year, what a shame.

As for Jaslyn, I felt that despite my confession of my deep admiration for her, I was getting the cold shoulder a little from her. However, towards the end of the show she finally recognize how much I’m a fan and she warmed up but it was a little late.

Meanwhile, the other 2013 Playmates were on the exact opposite end of the convention floor. I didn’t find any of them as intriguing as the 3 I already mentioned. Funny how things work that the ones I like were all in the same area. But I have nothing against them, Bryiana is super tiny. A lot of people like Alyssa, but she’s not my cup of tea, kinda reminds me of a little of Jaclyn Swedberg. Kristen Nicole is cool kinda looks like Kate Upton, so I liked her the most out of that bunch, but didn’t return on Sunday. Ashley Doris looks like Brooke Burke who I also like but still doesn’t measure up to Jaslyn, Val, or Audrey for me.

Funny thing about Shelby Chesnes. Although I supported Raquel and Nikki all the way, I always found Shelby to be the most physically attractive out of them all. She is absolutely stunning both on print and in person and I personally rate her as one of the most attractive Playmates of all time. But she always seems aloof. Counting this time, I have met her a total of 3 times now and I could never figure her out. She seems nice but every time I pass by her table she always makes eye contact with me. I always get an awkward feel from it, can’t tell if she’s giving me the stink eye or she likes me. My guess is that she wants my business and she wants to lure me over. Sadly, her table is mostly empty and not a good weekend for her. Was a little desperate towards the end, asking if I wanted to buy more from her.

I’ll try to write another post about Raquel and Nikki later because there’s a lot more I want to say about them. But the one observation I wanted to write about is height. I remember a few years ago I thought Jayde Nicole was pretty tall for a Playmate at 5’9″ but I remember I was standing at even height with her when she’s not wearing heels. The other day, I noticed that half of the Playmates seem taller than me. So I checked their profile and it shows that Alyssa is only 5’8″ and Kristen Nicole is at 5’9″, so I’m guessing they’re all wearing super high heels these days. Even Jaslyn at 5’5″ was at eye level with me. Only Bryiana, Val and Audrey seemed to be shorter than me. Val actually wore higher heels the second day and was also close to eye level with me.

Jon Pish


Hi Jon,

Welcome to the PML and thanks for sharing your experiences at the latest Glamourcon.

It IS too bad about Val’s accident at the 4th of July party at the Playboy Mansion, which is why there hasn’t been a lot of Playboy video of Val as of yet. Chatter from types who follow this sort of thing say they’ve recently (or they’re about to) do some video of her since she’s healing.

Of the 2013 Playmates we’ve seen so far, if I had to choose a PMOY, I honestly think that Alyssa Arce and Val Keil are at the top of my list right now, with leanings towards Alyssa. Having said that, Val’s PMOM spread was extremely sensual, with the black and white photos of her naked body posed against projector lights of classic Hollywood films. The color photos of Val’s lingerie with garter belts are also extremely memorable.

Of course, we’ll find out who Miss October, November, and December are before making any final calls.

Brett Lambert

Alyssa Arce Nude Playmate Of The Month July 2013

Apparently the YouTuber, or at least this video was removed…sigh…

Playmate Miss July 2013 Alyssa Arce video at Glamourcon 2013, Long Beach, CA

Playboy Playmate Miss July 2013 Alyssa Arce is interviewed by NewYorkFashionTimes.com at Glamourcon 2013, Long Beach, CA on August 24, 2013. She is wearing Steve Madden Shoes. @MissAlyssaArce Instagram: MissAlyssaArce

Jose R. Sousateles Jr. — Camera/Post

Busty Babe Alyssa Arce Playmate of July 2013!

NOTE: Playboy has removed the Alyssa Arce content and replaced it with this collection of naked models instead.

Busty bombshell Miss July 2013 of Playboy Alyssa Arce looks so sexy in wet lingerie in a pool! Don’t miss that hot big breasted brunette!

Playboy Playmate Alyssa Arce HD Nude Gallery

Playboy Playmate Alyssa Arce HD Nude Gallery

NOTE: Playboy has removed the Alyssa Arce content and replaced it with this collection of naked models instead.

Alyssa Arce Download Hot Video’s

Alyssa Arce Autographs

If you are interested in getting an autograph from Alyssa Arce then check out her tweet:




The only thing I can think of as “amusing” would be a potential in-person encounter between Chris and other PMLers who will be attending the next Glamourcon.

Brett Lambert


Or you could meet her in person, along with issue-mate Val Keil, at the Long Beach Glamourcon in two weeks.

Dan Stiffler


Provided that geography, finances, and/or time is on your side, the latter would be more fun.

Brett Lambert


There’s a good chance my work will actually bring me into striking distance of this event. I’m curious about going and look forward to being amused by some name tags.



Curiosity is certainly a good reason to attend a Glamourcon. As I noted in my report on the recent Chicago GC, there were many curiosity seekers at the early GCs and I am sure that Bob does not discriminate between the curious and the collector. $25 gets you a ticket to the show.

However, I doubt “being amused by some name tags” will be part of the experience–because nobody wears them. The models have names posted at their tables but I don’t know what would be amusing about that.

Then again, if Chris wears a name tag…


Dan Stiffler

Alyssa Arce coming to Glamourcon in Long Beach

Alyssa Arce has just been added to the scheduled playmates list for the Long Beach Glamourcon, coming up in about two weeks.

This is good news, not only because Alyssa is an absolute babe but also because her “issue-mate” Val Keil is also scheduled.

Now that we collectors have to work with issues that have two playmates, it is twice as nice to get both autographs.


Dan Stiffler