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Centerfold Critique: Alyssa Arce

In Alyssa Arce’s centerfold (July 2013) we see a re-creation of the mechanic’s pin-up calendars that were once a staple in every corner garage. Funny, I never saw this one for sale in “Hemmings” (nor in Hobby Lobby).

Alyssa makes a great Playmate. She is both attractive and accessible. She looks like she might really be that girl in the garage next door. Maybe she really is that special woman who has let us into the shop after hours for the best selfie in the world. Of course that isn’t what happened, but Eisenman deserves credit for making it look that way, continuing in the best of Playboy’s traditions.

Maybe the two stacks of Hoosier racing tires are stand-ins for boobs, but I think that’s reaching. A more plausible explanation is the tires are just part of a nearly great composition. Holding the composition back is the way Alyssa has been posed with the black bra/teddy. The line cuts when it should reinforce. In contrast, the checkered socks compliment both Alyssa and the composition. I think a much better place for the lingerie would have been dangling from one of her hands, adding a necklace to accent her chest.

Photographer: Sasha Eisenman

Pin-up: 3.0
Erotic: 2.0
Artistic: 2.5
Overall: 2.6 out of 4.0

Mark Tomlonson

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    Gosh, Alyssa Arce is probably one of the most adorable post-Claire Sinclair Playmates out there.



    I agree. If that issue with the awkward placement of her bra could have been corrected, she could have had a 4.0/4.0 centerfold to match.

    There is a (tenuous) connection to her looks and the “Hoosier” on the tires, as she has a very Midwestern vibe. A look by the way that can be found in all kinds of places outside the Midwest.

    Mark Tomlonson

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