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Alyssa Arce Published in LUI Magazine

I just saw this issue of Lui Magazine at the newsstand



and I’m almost certain that Alyssa Arce is in it. Terry Richardson photographed “Alyssa” in the issue but it’s in French so I can’t find any credits. I’m pretty sure I’ll buy it, I just wish Alyssa was on the cover.

Good find! Yeah, I think that would also be Alyssa Arce. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t her.

If my French was better, I’m sure I’d enjoy “Lui”! I’m assuming that picture #2 in your link shows a retrospective of old-school covers of “Lui” and they look wonderful. The OTHER magazine that Playboy made in the ’70s (“Oui”) did take its inspiration from “Lui,” of course.

It’s nice when “adult” magazines like this can still maintain a level of class and sophistication. When Playboy abandoned “Oui” and sold it off, it degenerated into hardcore and lowest common denominator sleaze.

If only there was a way of confirming or denying if the shoot was really Alyssa?

If only a quick check on Twitter or instagram to see if Alyssa had mentioned it..

Nope.. not got the time..

(btw yes it is her, and she’s tweeted/instagrammed a few images from it..) Not sure yet on its carbon dating…

Hahaha, nice. Down that path madness lies. I leave it to the pro-Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest/Flickr/Tumblr/Google+/Myspace/Friendster/Craigslist crowd to sift through the myriad posts and find what’s relevant, I’ve got no time for that. And I’m unemployed.

Sorry, my social media surveillance radars must be on the fritz today. I’ll remember that before ever making a post.

Yea.. umpteen posts/threads reading the minds of what Manwin appear to ‘think’ or are doing with the Cyber Club etc. Complaints about Playmates not advertising where/when they might be doing local appearances. Gossip about the minutiae of Kardashian/minor celebs that make the discussions about the commentary of the DVD sets of Hef’s tv shows look like Kerouac….

Discussions based on Twitter posts made by Cooper Hef.. Timetables on when/where porn stars are stripping in the neighbourhood..

And yet a quick check on publicly/widely available media sources to see if person X has mentioned if image Y or its her in publication Z……? nope, too difficult… Gotta keep my quota of posts going.. too busy to check facts..


You guys the sort that repost ‘scam’ warnings about dolls in car seats being used to car jack or the other ‘warnings’ that some folks on FB etc seem to do without thought? Even if it takes a quick google to check authenticity?

FWIW, lots of Playmates post on Twitter links to their Instagram feed. Alyssa has posted a few from this mag, including http://instagram.com/p/egykwrDqzL/ which is a tongue, with Alyssa.. by Terry Richardson superimposed on it. Tagged with ‘at last my magazine is finally out!’ ‘Tog and mag name. She also posts a few pictures from her day to day life, which do get a few ‘boring’ ‘more tits’ etc calls from the less bright folks that seem to think just because she’s a Playmate therefore every shot has to be full frontal, and she(they?) should be banned from wearing clothes or posting pics from their private life.

Ironic, as per usual, that it will be far easier to track down a copy of Lui in LaLa Land than London, let alone the rest of the UK. Its easier to find French/Dutch/German PB in LA than London, or even Strasbourg! Hard enough to find normal PB in UK stores..!

Oh, brother. All I did was say “Yeah, this is most likely her” and I get *this*?

FWIW, I did check her Facebook page at the time of the post, but she doesn’t post on there often so no references to “Lui” and Terry Richardson. Could I have checked Twitter or Instagram? Yeah sure, but this is a DISCUSSION board. If I don’t have the time to check every social media account, someone else will. It’s called helping each other out. A simple “yes, it’s her I saw it mentioned on Instagram” would have been sufficient. No need to patronizing.

It seems that Lui magazine went a similar direction as Oui from 2001 – 2010 according to Wikipedia.


If you have Google Chrome it will ask you if you want to translate the webpage. I also was able to do it by using the Google translator using Firefox. It was an option when I did a Google search on Lui Magazine.

Alyssa in the previews looks like playmate Alyssa Arce. I recently heard that when a playmate was an established model like Alyssa, Britney Nola, Amanda Steich, etc. they are allowed to pose nude elsewhere since restricting them would restrict their earning potential. Remember, this rule came into place before because the playmates never posed anywhere before. Now, they are recruiting established models.

Ok, it wasn’t aimed squarely at Brett. He was just the latest in the thread, and the way windows Mail groups threads together at times.. he just seemed to get full face..

Sorry Brett. If I’d have waited, maybe ant might have appeared to have been the receiver.. Who knows..

Wider point still carries, though. In a group where sources seem to pop out of nowhere, topics can repeat, or drag on for ages, it seems that second guessing the Corporate Wisdom of a Venture Capitalist or whoever owns PB stock/archive these days.. or the pearls of wisdom from I’m guessing important folks in the PB world get taken as gospel, from the most obscure sources..the simplest of sources to check info seem unknown, to too hard to use.

There is talk that apparently Yahoo might be trying to get these lists onto Tumblr. Seeing as I’ve barely used the site, and as an image reference source maybe.. how a text-based discussion list will work.. god knows. If checking other social media is too hard (but world beating legal and business nous just falls like leaves in a NH autumn….), it should be an interesting future PML..

Apologies again, Brett.


That’s right. “Oui” was apparently considered a sister publication to the original “Lui.” The last issue that PEI published was the August 1981 issue before it was sold off to someone else.


I have a small collection of the PEI-era “Oui” and wouldn’t mind expanding on it.

Nickcharly: “In october 1972 born “OUI ” the partnership from Daniel Filippachi and Hugh Hefner .The magazine was sold in 1981 .”


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