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Happy 22nd Birthday to Alyssa Arce

Would like to wish Alyssa a very happy birthday, today, the 27th of February. Would love to be there to hand out some birthday spankings 🙂

Alyssa Arce’s first ever FHM shoot will make you hug a hobo

Posted by Jordan Waller

Unless you’re an American or an avid follower of super-cool photographer Terry Richardson’s Tumblr, the chances are that Alyssa Arce is not a name you’re familiar with.

Which is a massive shame when you consider that on a hot scale of one to 10, she pretty much comes in at […]

Alyssa Arce Published in LUI Magazine

I just saw this issue of Lui Magazine at the newsstand


and I’m almost certain that Alyssa Arce is in it. Terry Richardson photographed “Alyssa” in the issue but it’s in French so I can’t find any credits. I’m pretty sure I’ll buy it, I just wish Alyssa was on the cover.

Alfred. […]

Glamourcon 56 (long post)

So, the first time in forever that I’m not double-booked for something else on GC Weekend and my car doesn’t shit on me, I run into a convention that is deader than I’ve seen in a long time. Not like Sign Of The Times dead, just ‘eh’ until Saturday afternoon where it picked up, thankfully. […]

Alyssa Arce’s Accent

If you met Alyssa you would noticed her accent, and I’m not talking about a Southern drawl. She is from Myrtle Beach, SC and her father is Honduran, so I was wondering where she got the British-like accent. I was looking at her profile and it doesn’t say anything about her living or growing up […]

Glamourcon 56 Comments

First off, my vote for PMOY 2013 is still Jaslyn Ome and it hasn’t changed but I was absolutely captured by the beauty and personality of Miss June Audrey Allen and Miss August Val Keil. I also liked the way both dressed on both days. Audrey looked great in different sun dresses on both days […]

Alyssa Arce Autographs

If you are interested in getting an autograph from Alyssa Arce then check out her tweet:




The only thing I can think of as “amusing” would be a potential in-person encounter between Chris and other PMLers who will be attending the next Glamourcon.

Brett Lambert


Or you could meet her in […]

Alyssa Arce Miss July 2013 Playboy Playmate of the Month

Alyssa Arce Miss July 2013

Height: 5′ 7″ Weight: 114 lbs Measurements: 32D-24-34 (natural…yaaaa) Birth Date: 21 years old Birthplace: North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Hair Color: Brunette Eye Color: Hazel Breasts: Natural Tattoos: Body Jewelry: Heritage: Hispanic ……………….. Playmate Number: 717 Previous Playboy Experience: None Centerfold Photographer: Sasha Eisenman Centerfold Shoot Date: […]

July-August 2013 issue – first thoughts

Can’t believe it but just received the digital edition of the Jul/Aug double issue and here are my first thoughts;-

The cover – Another excellent cover. I’m sure I’ve seen a similar one on an international edition and just love it. Whoever started designing the covers since October 2012 deserves a pay rise.

Interview – […]

Alyssa Arce and Other Model Possibilities

First off, I want to be the first to jump on the Alyssa Arce for PMOY bandwagon. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Anthea Page and Alyssa Campanella as playmates. Anthea was featured in Treats magazine a few months ago. And Alyssa is a former Miss USA. I think it’s time to dump the open casting […]