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Alyssa Arce’s Accent

If you met Alyssa you would noticed her accent, and I’m not talking about a Southern drawl. She is from Myrtle Beach, SC and her father is Honduran, so I was wondering where she got the British-like accent. I was looking at her profile and it doesn’t say anything about her living or growing up overseas.

So I became curious and I asked her how she got the accent. She told me her ex-boyfriend was from South Africa. I didn’t know that being with someone would actually change the way you speak. The only other person that I know is Madonna when she became British after marrying Guy Ritchie. If this is an act, you would take it would be keep up with it all the time.

This makes me wonder if she was living in South Africa for a while because you just don’t start talking in a different accent if you were born and raise your whole life in South Carolina.

The Playmate profile just don’t say much about the Playmates these days.

Jon Pish


It is my understanding that she did live in South Africa for a while. Some people pick up accents very quickly, but I would think that she would lose that accent once she returned to the states.

I am surprised she said her boyfriend from South Africa is an ex boyfriend. Very recently she was gushing over him on social media.


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