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Alyssa Arce Autographs

If you are interested in getting an autograph from Alyssa Arce then check out her tweet:




The only thing I can think of as “amusing” would be a potential in-person encounter between Chris and other PMLers who will be attending the next Glamourcon.

Brett Lambert


Or you could meet her in person, along with issue-mate Val Keil, at the Long Beach Glamourcon in two weeks.

Dan Stiffler


Provided that geography, finances, and/or time is on your side, the latter would be more fun.

Brett Lambert


There’s a good chance my work will actually bring me into striking distance of this event. I’m curious about going and look forward to being amused by some name tags.



Curiosity is certainly a good reason to attend a Glamourcon. As I noted in my report on the recent Chicago GC, there were many curiosity seekers at the early GCs and I am sure that Bob does not discriminate between the curious and the collector. $25 gets you a ticket to the show.

However, I doubt “being amused by some name tags” will be part of the experience–because nobody wears them. The models have names posted at their tables but I don’t know what would be amusing about that.

Then again, if Chris wears a name tag…


Dan Stiffler

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